Firearms Stolen during Household Burglaries and Other Property Crimes, 2005-2010

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Firearms Stolen during Household Burglaries and Other Property Crimes, 2005-2010

Category: Crime, Firearm Availability, Gun Markets|Journal: Bureau of Justice Statistics (full text)|Author: L Langton|Year: 2012

Victimizations involving the theft of firearms declined from 283,600 in 1994 to 145,300 in 2010 (figure 1). Overall, about 1.4 million guns, or an annual average of 232,400, were stolen during burglaries and other property crimes in the six-year period from 2005 through 2010. Of these stolen firearms, at least 80% (186,800) had not been recovered at the time of the National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS) interview.

The data in this report were drawn from the Bureau of Justice Statistics’ (BJS) NCVS, which annually collects information on nonfatal victimizations reported and not reported to the police against persons age 12 or older from a nationally representative sample of U.S. households. The NCVS collects data on criminal incidents for which theft or attempted theft is either a component of the victimization (i.e., robbery, personal larceny, burglary, motor vehicle theft, and other property theft) or could occur in connection with the victimization (i.e., rape or sexual assault). This report examines the theft of firearms in criminal victimizations, focusing on the rate, number, amount of loss, and recovery of guns taken during burglaries and other property crimes, which include motor vehicle theft and other theft. It presents information on how firearms may end up in the hands of persons to whom they do not belong.

Trend estimates are based on two year rolling averages centered on the most recent year (figure 1). For example, estimates reported for 2010 represent the average estimates for 2009 and 2010. This method improves the reliability and stability of estimate comparisons over time. For all tables in this report, aggregate data for the time from 2005 through 2010 are the focus.

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