Firearm Fatalities in Victoria, Australia 1988

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Firearm Fatalities in Victoria, Australia 1988

Category: Homicide|Journal: Medicine, Science and the Law (full text)|Author: R Selway|Year: 1991

A study of all the firearm fatalities in the state of Victoria, Australia is presented for the year 1988.

The overall incidence was 138 (3.24 per 100,000) of which 71% were suicides, 24% homicides, 2% accidental and 2% undetermined.

Twice as many males were homicide victims as females. The female homicide victims being mainly shot by their husbands. 47% of homicides were of a domestic nature, while 15% were criminals shot by police. Only 3 women shot themselves compared with 11 who were victims of homicide.

The relative frequency of accidental shooting deaths is the lowest recorded, a surprising finding in a state where hunting is such a common pastime.