Epidemiological Study of Homicide by Firearms and Explosives

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Epidemiological Study of Homicide by Firearms and Explosives

Category: Homicide, International|Journal: Journal of Evolution of Medical and Dental Services (full text)|Author: R Kumar|Year: 2013


Murderers have often been the focous of sociological and psychological studies and several types of offenders have been identified. OBJECTIVE: Epidemiological study of homicide by firearms and explosives.



The present study comprised of 100 (one hundred) cases of homicidal firearms and explosives deaths drawn from the medicolegal autopsies. The various data relating to the cases were collected from examination of inquest reports and connected papers, interviewing the police personnel accompanying the cases, interviewing the relatives, friends and neighbors of the deceased, and the autopsy examination paper.



Two third( 66%) of victims were normal followed by irritable victims 17%, neurotic 8%, psychotic 5% and intoxicated 4%.It was found that 35 % were pan eater followed by 30 % who had no habit, cigarette 16% bidi 15%, tobacco 14%, pan masala 11%.However misxed/combine habit was seen in 16 % and it could not be known in 7 %. It was observed that that max no (52) of victims no drug habit was seen. This was followed by ganja 22, alcohol 16, Bhang 14, Opium 5, sleeping pill 2.Mixed drug habit was seen in 10 victim. However it could not be known in 12 victims. It was found that majority 57% of victims came from joint family followed by those from nuclear family type 28%. However, 15 % victims were loner. Findings on personal income of victims shows that max 37% had income upto Rs. 2000 PM followed by non earning Victims 24%, 2001- 4000 15.1 %, 8001 and above 9%, 4001-6000 8%, 6001-8000(6%) and in one % it could not be known. Study shows that max 30% victim were killed in night hours between 8 PM to 2AM followed by 25 % in the afternoon and evening hrs between 2 PM to 8PM.16 % victims were attacked during day hrs between 8AM to 2PM and 12 %victims time of incidence was between 2 AM to 8AM.Time of incidence could not be known in 17 % victims as only dead body was recovered. It is observed that over majority 55% victims were killed in the evening and night hrs between 2pm to 2 am. Findings on place of incidence clearly shows that majority 71% of incidents took place outdoors and 29% indoors. In outdoor location field was the place of incidence in 34 % victims followed by farm 8% and garden which was the place of incidence in 6 % victims. Only dead body was recovered in 10% cases.In indoor locations bedroom was the place incidence in 11 % victims followed by corridoor in 7 % victims and court yard in 4% victims. Only dead body was recovered in 7 % cases.



Increase in use of firearms may be attributed to the deteriorating socioeconomic, and law and order situation and also easy availability of both licit and ilicit as well as improvised or country made firearms and bombs all over India.The ever expanding areas of individual and mass violence including political terrorism, communal violence, dacoities, smuggling across the international and state borders, kidnapping for ransome and hijacking of aircrafts have all contributed their share to the phenomenal rise in the use of firearm and explosives resulting in many homicidal deaths.