Mass Shootings in America: 2013-2019

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Mass Shootings in America: 2013-2019

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Welcome to GVPedia’s Mass Shootings in America: 2013-2019 report. The goal of this paper is to give advocates and policymakers access to academic research so that policy decisions can be made based on fact. On this page, you will find everything you need to learn about mass shootings, including state-based fact sheets, videos, and the full report.

Mass Shootings in America: 2013-2019 used the Giffords Law Center’s state law grading system and the Gun Violence Archive’s definition of a mass shooting to produce the first comprehensive and in-depth study of its kind that compared mass shooting incidents from 2013-2019 to the strength of gun laws in each state. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions.

The full document can be found here, along with the fact sheet.

Highlights from Mass Shootings in America: 2013-2019:

  • Strong gun laws save lives. From 2013 to 2019, states with weak gun laws had 5% more mass shootings and 50% more mass shooting fatalities than states with strong gun laws. During that time period, 2,341 mass shootings left 2,642 people dead and 9,766 physically wounded.
  • Since 2013, the number of annual mass shootings nationwide jumped by 65%. In states with strong laws, mass shooting incidents increased by 33% and fatalities by 26%, but in states with weak laws, mass shootings increased by a staggering 91% and fatalities by 92%. 
  • States with weak laws experienced 63% more mass shootings with an assault weapon. 
  • The use of an assault weapon makes mass shootings 4 times more lethal.

Mass Shootings in America: 2013-2019

State Fact Sheets

To complement the report, here are fact sheets about mass shootings specifically created for every state and Washington, D.C.


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