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Since 2018, GVPedia has armed advocates and policymakers with facts and explained academic research to ensure effective gun policy. GVPedia is a regular contributor to media sources looking for factual information about gun research and produces original content for the media and the public.

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GVPedia in the Media

“Violent Crime Might Soar if DeSantis Arms Floridians With Constitutional Carry”

“GVPedia, a gun-violence research group, asserts that a state’s passage of permitless gun-carry laws correlates with a disproportionately high increase in gun homicide rates over the three years following the laws’ passage.”

“‘Constitutional Carry’ laws gaining popularity in last 7 years”

“Golden quotes the research from GVPedia for why she’s worried about Texas’ future. “It’s been shown that states that pass a permitless carry law suffer a 22% increase in gun homicide for the three years after the law’s passage, more than doubling the 10% increase for the country overall,” Golden said.”

“Tulsa mass shooting reignites gun policy debate in Oklahoma”

“But overall, the results of gun violence studies are mixed and complex. For example, in a meta-analysis of the 35 most recent academic studies since 2005 on concealed carry, five studies showed a decrease in crime when concealed carry laws were weakened, while 23 showed an increase in crime.”

“Gov. DeSantis won’t reform Florida gun laws, bats down Democrats’ demand for special session”

“Orlando Democratic Rep. Carlos Guillermo Smith is also an outspoken critic of permit-less carry. He noted data gathered by GVPedia that suggests states suffer a 22% spike in gun homicide in the years following the passage of permit less carry legislation. At least two dozen states allow some version of permit-less carry, according to the research group.”

“How Often Are Guns Used for Self-Defense?”

“The edits followed months of lobbying by a group of researchers that included Mark Bryant, who leads Gun Violence Archive, and Devin Hughes, who runs GVPedia, a nonprofit gun violence research outfit (Hughes is a former Trace contributor). Mainstream media outlets have also begun re-evaluating the 2.5 million figure.”

“Experts debate: If there are no permits, will crime increase in Florida?”

“The group’s Permit-less Carry 2022 Fact Sheet says that in an analysis of CDC data from states with permit-less carry laws that have at least three years of data available, they found that “states that pass a permit-less carry law suffer from a 22% increase in gun homicide for the three years after the law s passage, more than doubling the 10% increase for the country overall in the same time period.”

“I Don’t Want to Die: Kids and Guns”

“Gun Violence is now the leading cause of death in children. Host Libby Edwards and guests Dr. Son Mun, from Moms Demand Action, NY and Devin Hughes of GVPedia talk statistics, common sense prevention and the need for Federal legislation in a country where 50% of gun owners leave their weapons unsecured and accessible to children in their home.”

“Guest commentary: Work on ending gun violence must move forward, even without ATF leader”

“In 2019, we, along with other survivors, experts, researchers, and advocates, met at the GVPedia Conference in Denver to honor the 20th anniversary of the Columbine massacre. We collaborated with the attendees to draft the Denver Accord, an evidence-based guide to stem gun violence. We urge all leaders to read the Denver Accord to learn the most effective policies to reduce gun violence.”

“Opinion: Gun violence is a public health crisis”

“The issue, Hughes said, is that 60% of Americans believe that they are safer with guns. For them, firearms are the solution to prevent violence. However, in reality, it is quite the opposite. “It is a myth that firearms make people safer,” Hughes said.”

“6 Bold Ideas for Gun Reform That Could Actually Happen”

“When asked about policies to combat gun violence beyond an assault weapons ban and background checks, gun violence prevention advocates often refer to the Denver Accord, a plan that came out of a 2019 conference hosted by gun violence research aggregator GVPedia. The accord includes some of the policy initiatives outlined here, and many more that could be pursued at every level of government — from the White House to city councils. Po Kim Murray, chair of Newtown Action Alliance, told me she hopes the Biden administration will embrace the Denver Accord. Merely by doing so, Biden could signal state and local activists that this is the roadmap they should follow.

“We know the policy solutions that are required to end this gun violence crisis. We have the Denver Accord,” Murray said. “We’re ready for him to lead and be a warrior and a champion for the movement.”

“Newtown Action Alliance, CT lawmakers react to Boulder supermarket shooting.”

“We have implored multiple Presidents, hundreds of members of Congress, governors, and state representatives to strengthen state and federal gun laws to end all forms of gun violence in America. Passing a comprehensive set of gun control laws outlined in GVPedia’s Denver Accord will keep our families and communities safe. Many states are working to strengthen their gun laws, but many are working to loosen them. Therefore, federal action is essential.”

“The Denver Accord Calls For Evidence-Based Solutions To Guns & Violence.”

“That’s where the Denver Accord comes in. Its authors call it ‘an evidence-based road map to reduce gun violence in the United States.’ Devin Hughes is the founder of GVPedia, short for ‘Gun Violence Pedia.’ It’s behind the accord. He spoke with Colorado Matters host Ryan Warner about this issue.”

“Stillwater residents to organize Moms Demand Action group against gun violence.”

“It will feature Devin Hughes, president of GVPedia, an information resource committed to gun violence prevention. ‘Devin is nationally known for doing research documenting information regarding gun violence,’ Cindy Alexander, co-leader of Indivisible Stillwater. ‘We’re really excited to have him coming to Stillwater.'”

“Is the ‘Denver Accord’ a Path Toward Ending Gun Violence?”

“The conference was also meant to spark dialogue about ways to reduce the epidemic level of gun violence unfolding daily in America. Recommendations from the gathering have now been compiled into a document known as the Denver Accord, which Hughes refers to as an ‘evidence-based road map’ aimed at reducing gun violence.”

“Dad of Columbine shooting wears the shoes his son died in to highlight gun laws.”

“Tom was inspired to ­oppose the gun lobby by Daniel ­himself. While they were ­having a meal ­together the teenager asked his dad about flaws in the Brady Bill – designed to control over-the-counter gun sales. It was the very loophole Harris, 18, and Klebold, 17, used to build up their arsenal of weapons.”

“Got a License for That?”

“For all of these reasons, passing licensing legislation on the state as well as the federal level was the top recommendation of the more than 140 advocates, survivors, and experts who attended an April 2019 conference on gun violence in Denver to mark the twentieth anniversary of the mass shooting at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado. It was part of a larger program known as the Denver Accord.”

“I feel like I need to do something today to help protect their future,” Metro parents wanting to put an end to gun violence”

Analyst Devin Hughes told us there has been a rise in gun-related deaths. “The CDC shows that from about 2014 to 2018, there’s been a significant increase in gun homicides and suicides, which is about the first time in more than a decade that gun deaths have been increasing,” he said. Parents say they hope facts will encourage people to make educated decisions regarding firearms.”

“The right’s too-good-to-be-true proof that immigration drives crime just fell apart”

“That same year, Lott was caught blogging under a fake name to defend his own work and accused of making up an entire research survey that a colleague found no evidence he ever conducted. A lengthy 2014 summary of Lott’s career by Evan DeFilippis and Devin Hughes proclaimed that “[o]n closer inspection his impressive credentials reveal an academic nomad, never able to secure a place in academia.”

“A study said guns made homes less safe, then the NRA helped stifle research for 21 years”

“In a Los Angeles Times commentary earlier this week, Devin Hughes and Mark Bryant called out House Speaker Paul Ryan and other politicians for failing to act after Ryan cautioned against doing anything “before we even have all the facts and the data.” 

“Nicole Sandler Show – Our Gun Violence Epidemic and Shopping for Good.”

“Mitchell Talks: Opponents Of ‘Permitless Carry’ Speak Out”

Staff/Organization Pieces

“We can change the future of gun violence”

“We know the solution is stronger gun laws, but our safety has been held hostage by the gun lobby. We are paying the price in lives.”

“A decades long coordinated misinformation campaign is headed to the Supreme Court”

“Now the gun lobby is attempting a similar strategy to overturn years of academic research that shows that firearms make people less safe and that stronger gun laws save lives.”

“How misinformation overturned California’s assault weapon ban.”

“We cannot continue to allow misinformation and myths to seep into our courtrooms and legislatures. Judge Bentiez made a serious miscalculation that will impact the lives and safety of Californians. Facts and data matter. It’s time to start paying attention to the truth about gun violence.”

“2020 is shattering gun violence records. We must act.”

“The recent dramatic spike in mass shootings is part of a longer trend. From 2013 to 2019, the frequency of mass shootings increased by 65 percent. During that period, the country suffered 2,341 mass shootings that killed 2,642 people and wounded 9,766 more.”

“Guns are Detrimental to the Public’s Safety”

“As the Covid-19 pandemic surges throughout the US, state and federal governments are taking historic measures to ensure public safety. From social distancing to locking down public areas to shutting down hundreds of businesses, American life and culture have been fundamentally altered with one exception: access to guns.”

“Debunking Alternative Facts About Gun Violence”

“We can provide political leaders who are supportive of gun violence prevention policies the resources and talking points they need to fight for laws that have been proven to reduce gun deaths and injuries. Leaders want to be strong, effective champions of this issue; GVPedia provides them the expertise to make big impacts that will save lives.”

“A Lott of Lies about guns in the New York Times”

“John Lott has a long and well-documented history of peddling alternative factsfabricating data, and even adopting the persona Mary Rosh to defend his own work. In order to progress with proven measures to reduce gun violence such as Permit-to-Purchase laws and closing numerous NRA-sponsored loopholes in our current laws, we must dispel dangerous fictions such as Lott’s which degrade public safety.”

“Op-Ed: We have all the data we need: Stronger gun laws would save lives”

“It’s a common refrain from politicians opposed to strengthening gun laws: They use “lack of data” as a fig leaf for their inaction. But there is no lack of data. Our organizations, GVPedia and the Gun Violence Archive, have amassed the relevant research, facts and data — and it all points to the need for legislative action on gun violence.”

“Gun control that works: Safe storage saves lives”

“Lott’s article is riddled with fabrications and falsehoods. For example, he opines that ‘every place in the world that has banned guns has seen an increase in murder.’ Yet Japan is the developed nation that has come closest to completely banning firearms, and it has seen its homicide rate fall more than 75 percent since it adopted its ban in 1958.”

“What Kavanaugh needs to know about gun violence”

“Judge Kavanaugh is correct that assault-style weapons are commonly used in shootings such as those at Aurora, Sandy Hook, Orlando, Las Vegas, Parkland, and many more. He is mistaken, however, about the successful use of assault-style firearms, or any firearms, for civilian self-defense.”

“Point of View: Data, academic studies should guide firearm policy”

“Furthermore, the significant majority of national level academic research since 2005 finds that crime actually increases in states that weaken their laws governing concealed carry. Permitless carry would exacerbate this trend by removing criminal background checks in addition to removing gun safety training from the process.”

“Concealed Carry Laws Increase Crime”

“Today, no states prohibit concealed carry, and May Issue laws are rare, with eight states and DC maintaining such a standard. RTC laws are the norm, with twenty-eight states adopting relatively lax standards for concealed carry. Fourteen states require no permit at all, a list that has rapidly expanded in the past few years.”

“The Staggering Error at the Heart of Pro-Gun Policy”

“Lott’s error, which includes every single mass shooting between 1977 and 1997, completely unravels his claim that only two percent of mass shootings occur in spaces where firearms are allowed as the total number of mass shootings is greatly exaggerated in his data.”

“GVPedia’s Letter to the Joint Economic Committee Members

“Thank you for holding this hearing. Gun violence is not a new problem in our country and will only continue to increase if nothing is done. I think we can all agree that this is not the legacy we want to leave our children.”

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