Fact Sheet: Permitless Carry

GVPedia University

Permitless Carry Factsheet

“States that pass a Permitless Carry law suffer from a 22% increase in gun homicide for the three years after the law’s passage, more than doubling the 10% increase for the country overall.”

Permitless Carry (sometimes referred to as Constitutional Carry) laws allow individuals to carry loaded, concealed handguns in public areas without first going through a background check, obtaining a license, or undergoing any training. GVPedia has analyzed CDC data from states with Permitless Carry laws that have at least three years of data available.

Our analysis and other important information can be found in our Permitless Carry Factsheet.

There have been a slew of permitless carry laws filed in states across the country and this fact sheet is designed to contribute to those discussions with factual information based on academic studies.

We also published a rebuttal to myths about permitless carry.

The full document can be found here: Permitless Carry Factsheet


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