The Denver Accord Part 3: Extreme Risk Protection Orders

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The Denver Accord: A Comprehensive Plan To Reduce Gun Violence


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 The Denver Accord is a comprehensive gun violence prevention platform, led by GVPedia and supported by more than 40 organizations nationally, designed to guide policymakers’ efforts to reduce gun violence in the United States. It combines best practices from across the country with evidence-based research to create a comprehensive and effective set of policies and programs intended to stop the scourge of gun violence.  The Denver Accord includes four guiding principles and nine policy positions that, working in conjunction with each other, will stem the epidemic. This is the first in a series of fact sheets outlining those nine policy positions. There is no single solution to gun violence in America but it is clear that more guns do not make people safer. It is a multifaceted problem that requires a comprehensive solution.


The Denver Accord Part 3:

Extreme Risk Protection Order

As part of our work to provide unbiased resources about gun violence prevention policy, GVPedia is releasing a series of fact sheets about the 9 policy priorities recommended by the Denver Accord. 

An Extreme Risk Protection Order (ERPO), also sometimes known as a Red Flag Law, is a tool that families and close friends can use when they believe an individual may be planning to use a weapon to cause harm. They can be an effective violence prevention tool, which is why section 3 of the Denver Accord explores this policy. 

The full Extreme Risk Protection Order document can be found here:

Extreme Risk Protection Order, Denver Accord Section 3

GVPedia is grateful to Nick Wilson and the experts, survivors and advocates who contributed to the Denver Accord.



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