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Defensive Gun Use

One of the most common myths in the gun violence prevention world is that a “good guy with a gun” can keep us safe from a “bad guy with a gun.” This is simply not true.

At GVPedia, we understand how important it is to share the facts regarding defensive gun use. The fact sheet, infographic, videos, and sources below were created and curated to do just that.


Fact Sheet

With so much valuable information out there about defensive gun use, we created this two page fact sheet for advocates, educators, and elected officials to get an idea of the topic all in one place. 

It is made to share digitally, or as a print out.


We created the infographic below to illustrate the defensive gun use myth. Please feel free to post and share.


We understand the intricacies of defensive gun use can seem complicated and cumbersome. For that reason, we made three videos on the topic. The first in a shorter, general video. We feel its brevity makes it especially valuable. The next two videos are more detailed.