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What We Do

GVPedia is a comprehensive resource providing public access to our Gun Study Database, the largest in existence, and to GVP University, a repository of white papers and fact sheets about gun violence.

The Gun Study Database houses more than 1,000 academic studies related to gun violence and gun violence prevention. GVP University translates that body of knowledge into papers and fact sheets available to the general public. Both the Database and University are easily searchable by subject matter and provide an excellent resource for educational and advocacy purposes.

The Database and University are just the beginning. We will soon expand the site to include original GVPedia studies based on Gun Violence Archive data. In addition, we will provide professional infographics, a legal database, an organizational directory, and much more.

To continue our work, we need your help. Please consider donating. Any amount helps and will go toward the costs of constructing the website as well as adding more data, papers, and features.

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