Gun Violence Research

GVPedia arms policymakers, advocates, and the public with facts and data to create evidence-based policy to reduce gun violence.

Welcome to GVPedia, a project created to provide ready access to academic research and high quality data on gun violence. GVPedia is currently comprised of two main features:

The Study Database

The Database is a collection of more than 1,000 academic studies analyzing a wide range of gun violence subjects that can be searched by topic, author, journal, and year of publication. Each study is accompanied by an abstract, and hundreds of studies have the full text available for you to read.

GVP University

GVP University is a collection of white papers and fact sheets that will eventually cover every major topic in gun violence. Intended to provide summaries of the issues and succinct points, they serve as a jumping-off point to explore each topic in greater detail with our Study Database.

Recent Fact Sheets

Recent Studies

Emergency Physicians and Firearms: Effects of Hands-on Training

Emergency department (ED) providers have opportunities to prevent firearm injuries or deaths; ED-based interventions include violence intervention programs and counseling about reducing firearm access to prevent suicide. Yet ED providers often do not counsel patients...

Hot Spots Policing Effects on Crime

This Campbell systematic review examines the effects of focusing police crime prevention efforts on crime ‘hot spots’, and whether focused police actions at specific locations result in crime displacement (i.e. crime moving around the corner) or diffusion (i.e. crime...